Entrance to John Smith Landfill. Photo Jenny Mendolla Arbizu.
Entrance to John Smith Landfill. Photo Jenny Mendolla Arbizu.

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San Benito County released the Final Environmental Impact Report for the John Smith Road Landfill Expansion Sept. 29.

Notice of Public Hearing was also released for the County of San Benito Planning Commission special meeting scheduled for Oct. 11. at 6 p.m. at the San Benito County Board of Supervisors Chambers located at 481 Fourth Street in Hollister.

The agenda packet for the Planning Commission special meeting is expected to be available this week. The agenda packet can be found on this page once it becomes available.

Proposed changes to the landfill would include its expansion from 95.16 acres to 483.21 acres. The waste footprint would increase from 58 acres to 310.74 acres. It would increase in altitude from 920 feet to 949 feet, which would make the landfill higher than the surrounding hills. The tonnage of waste would also increase from 1,000 tons to a potential 2,300 tons per day (TPD).

There are alternatives regarding the tonnage in relation to the size of the landfill. The first is to do nothing and let the landfill remain at its current size. Other alternatives include 1,700 TPD with the same 95-acre footprint; 1,700 TPD with a reduced footprint; 1,000 TPD, with the same footprint; 1,000 TPD with a reduced footprint; 300 TPD, with the same footprint; opening a second landfill across the street on the 101 acres owned by the county; or transforming the entire landfill to a transfer station where waste would be brought only to be hauled to an as yet unknown landfill in another county.