SBHS adds web store for shopping convenience

This year an online web store was added to SBHS's homepage

This school year, San Benito High School has not only gotten some new students and new staff, but a Web Store as well. Carol Telles, who operates the Student Payment Center at the front of the school's administration building on Monterey Street, said that the Web Store is an "efficient" way to purchase Baler merchandise.

Telles' supervisor, Kim Faraone, came up with the idea, "which helps parents pay for something if they can't come in," said Telles. The Web Store can be found online in SBHS's homepage. There is a big button at the top right that says "WEBSTORE.". In order to purchase something, users must log in and use a credit or debut card to pay. Also, there is and extra service fee with each transaction.Things like the school's yearbook and the ASB card can be purchased there, as can Baler transcripts and transportions fees for sports.

"It was a big help with the Baler Pak," said Telles, referring to the package in which students could buy a yearbook, ASB Stamp and Baler bag for $90 — a savings of $35 compared to if someone bought all of the items separately. Nearly 800 Baler Paks were sold from August through early October.

Berenice Hndz