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SBHS counselor publishes mystery

San Benito High School counselor Tim Pipes recently published a book on Amazon called "Bay of Deception"

San Benito High School counselor Tim Pipes recently a published book on Amazon called “Bay of Deception.” It is a fictional mystery that takes place in the Monterey area.

Pipes didn’t want to give away too much of the plot, but he did give a summary. The story is mainly about three people; two ex-high school football players and one ex-cheerleader whose lives have unraveled. Pipes said he always wondered what’s next for all of the jocks and the cheerleaders after they leave high school. It took two years to get the book published, but the story “popped” into his head 17 years ago.

He said that the best part of the process was writing the first draft, because he got to have fun with it. The not-so-fun part was having to read it over and over again looking for errors. “I read the story of 250 pages five times in one year looking for more mistakes.” he said Pipes’ mentor throughout the process was author Maxine Shore. Pipes started a sequel, but decided not to go through with it. Instead, he began writing a different book with an idea to which he got more “attached”.   

Pipes said, “As long as the ideas keep coming, I’ll keep writing" and that his biggest hope for the book is that people will enjoy reading just as much as he enjoyed writing it.