The most expected San Benito High School event, Prom, occurred on May 10 this year. The “Party at Gatsby’s” took place at the Bolado Park Pavilion. The event was put together by the Junior Class Office. Preparations for Prom were not easy and were very “stressful” according to Prom Committee Chair person Paz Medina. With Monday meetings throughout the whole year, Prom Committee made sure that everything was ready as the event approached. When the event came, Prom Committee took four days to set up the decorations. Although it was a tough, tiring job, it was a huge success, organizers say

The 1920s-themed dance had decorations full of lights, a play card section, a movie room which played The Great Gatsby. A 1920’s pick-up truck grabbed many people’s attention. No room in the building was left without any decorations. SOS Entertainment got people in the mood to party and it seemed like it was a real party at Gatsby’s.

Mike Schurig, Class of 2015 Advisor, said he was content with the idea that this Prom had been “one of the least complained about,” according to Vice Principal Jennifer Logue.

 Prom Committee Chairperson Katie White worked hard along with Emily Crawford, the decorator, in order to create an authentic 1920s look. White said she dedicated “15 hours during the week before Prom” to make sure she had everything ready. White said, “I would love to make Prom perfect for the seniors.”

 During the set up for the dance, Crawford knew exactly the image she wanted and knew exactly what would make it exciting. She says she would be willing to work with SBHS again and she is glad many people liked Prom Committee’s hard work.