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Thirty-seven new touchscreen computers were installed in the San Benito High School library during the summer. These computers can be helpful to many students, from those who don’t own a computer to those trying to type up an essay due next class.

The purpose of these computers is to assist students with homework and assignments. Students can check grades and emails, work on homework, watch videos, and print papers. But games are off limits on the computers. The librarians are in charge of monitoring what students do on theses computers, especially on Youtube.

Assistant librarian Mariel Wrobel is in charge of monitoring students. She can monitor every screen through her computer, on which she can stop, send messages, and turn off any computer from her own.

“We have to keep the technology updated,” said Wrobel. By keeping technology updated, it increases security.

Freshman Emily Ramirez said the computers are useful when it comes to assignments, such as making a PowerPoint or writing essays. It also to helps to print assignments which cost 10 cents per page.

“They are really helpful,” said freshman Mia Martinez, who also uses the computers for PowerPoints and assignments.

The computers’ main purpose is to assist students with homework and assignments. Although the touchscreen portion is still new, these computers can make a major impact on students’ lives.