Like many homeowners, you may have been thinking about selling your home to take advantage of the improved housing market and use your equity to move up or down. But is listing your home for sale during the holidays a good idea, or will doing so take all the jolly out of your season?  Here is what you need to consider before you make the decision to whether to deck the halls with moving boxes or wait until you ring in the new year before putting your home on the market.

The first consideration is that during the holiday season there are typically less homes on the market.  As a seller, this means less competition and potentially more money for you, the seller.  After the new year, more homes like yours are likely to be on the market and therefore, there could be less demand for your home which in turn means less jingle in your pocket.

Another factor is that those buyers who are in the market during the holiday season tend to be serious and ready to move.  They are taking time away from the egg nog and ugly Christmas sweater parties, to look at your house which typically means they really want or need to move now. Often times they need to purchase before year end for tax purposes or because their current residence is already in escrow with a buyer.

As a seller, you will however, need to be prepared to schedule some time in your busy holiday rush to allow buyers to see your home.  Some Realtors will tell you to keep your holiday decorations put away to avoid offending buyers.  In my opinion, it is perfectly acceptable to decorate for the season and show your property with cozy charm. Just make sure you keep the holiday decor mainstream, understated and elegant so your home appeals to as many prospective buyers as possible. Think sophisticated fall and winter seasonal decorations, instead of outwardly religious or giant blow up Christmas displays.

Many sellers have visions of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning while being interrupted by potential buyers walking through inspecting their kitchen countertops.  While you do need to allow some time for showings, don’t worry, you can work with your agent and let them know which times and dates are off limits so you can enjoy your holiday celebrations.

Now that you have considered the pros and cons of selling during the holidays, you can decide if you are ready to wrap your packing your boxes and put them under the tree.   You just may be ringing in the new year at your new address.