Several San Benito County roads closed due to recent storm events

County road crews are removing debris from roadways.

Information provided by County of San Benito/Resource Management Agency.

The San Benito County Resource Management Agency reports various roadways closed due to recent storm events.

Current road closures in San Benito County:

  • SR 25 south of the Pinnacles National Park (Caltrans closure)
  • King City/Bitterweed Road from SR25 to King City (Monterey County closure)
  • New Idria – approximately 20 miles south of Panoche Road (closed indefinitely because of a major washout)
  • Southside Road at Tres Pinos Creek (until runoff subside to the point that safe passage is possible)

San Benito County Public Works roads/bridges crews have removed debris, trees, mud and rocks to keep county roads open to the extent possible over the busy week of weather, according to the release. County crews are out again on Jan. 29 monitoring, clearing, and repairing roads, particularly in south San Benito County.

Plans for correcting various drainage issues on roadway shoulders in the immediate vicinity of Hollister are being completed and will be implemented when weather and conditions permit such as along Union Road near Riverside Drive and Fairview Road north of Meridian Street. San Benito County engineers and crews are also monitoring conditions on roads countywide to try to maintain the safest road conditions possible.

More storm activity is expected at the beginning of next week and may impact the county and Caltrans’ ability to repair and re-open some of these roadways. The public is encouraged to call 831-902-2277 to report roadway hazards for San Benito County roads.

Also, in a release on Jan. 29 by the the Transportation Agency for Monterey County stated that Caltrans District 5 has closed several roads in Monterey County due to mud slides. This includes Highway 198 at Route 25. The release says that there will be full closure of eastbound and westbound Highway 198 at Route 25.

BenitoLink Staff