photo of Brandon Jenkins

On March 20th 2014 at 5:00 p.m. San Benito County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 700 block of Salinas Rd. for a prior assault with a deadly weapon incident that occurred in the 300 block of Sixth St.  When deputies arrived on scene they contacted the reporting party in the case.  


The reporting party told the Deputies that while his seventeen year old son was walking home from school, a car pulled up next to him.  The reporting party’s son noticed Brian and Brandon Jenkins in the vehicle along with Arturo Sanchez.  He said that his son told him that Sanchez had gotten out of the vehicle and started to hit the seventeen year old several times in the head with his fists. 


The victim in this case called his father and told him what had just happened.  The victim’s father went to the Jenkins residence to ask the brothers why they jumped his son.  When the victim’s father approached the Jenkins residence, Brian Jenkins came out of his residence and pointed a rifle at him. Brandon Jenkins came out of the residence with a bat in his hand and Sanchez was holding some sort of metal club in his hands.  The victim’s father was in fear for his life and got back in his car and left.


While the deputies were speaking to the reporting party at his residence, the two Jenkins brothers and Sanchez drove by.  Sheriff’s Deputies immediately recognized the vehicle and the suspects and gave chase.  The vehicle was subsequently pulled over and Brian and Brandon Jenkins, along with Arturo Sanchez were arrested without further incident. 


Deputies recovered possible stolen property in a search of the Jenkins brother’s vehicle. All three subjects were booked into the county jail.  


The following day, San Benito County Sheriff’s Deputies conducted a search warrant on the Brandon and Brian Jenkins’ residence regarding the stolen property they had recovered the day prior.  The Sheriff’s Office reported that additional stolen property was recovered in the residence.