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A San Benito County Sheriff's detective in Visalia for a symposium is being credited as a hero for rushing to assist a woman without a pulse and stabilize her until fire personnel arrived to transport her to a local hospital by ambulance.

Detective Sgt. Rick Uribe was in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Visalia, where he was attending the California State Coroner's Association Training Symposium, when his attention was directed to an elderly woman who collapsed just inside the front entrance at approximately 10 p.m.. A crowd formed around the woman, who was European and was here on vacation, according to a press release from the San Benito County Sheriff's Office.

As people in the crowd yelled for help, Uribe ran to the woman's aid, immediately began to assess her condition and found her to be void of a pulse. He immediately began to administer CPR to the female andcontinued his efforts until Visalia Fire Department arrived on scene. Visalia Fire personnel aided the woman and she was transported to a local hospital by ambulance, where she survived the medical emergency.

Her survival is due, in part, to the rapid response and heroic actions taken by Sergeant Uribe," the press release said. "The San Benito County Sheriff's Office is extremely proud of Sergeant Uribe. His selfless act in the midst of a life-threatening situation displays his strong character and that of our agency as a whole."

The cause of the woman's collapse was not immediately known, nor was her current condition.