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Sheriff’s Office warns of counterfeit prescription drugs laced with fentanyl

Law enforcement has dealt with two recent overdose cases where the opioid is believed to be involved.

Information provided by the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office.

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office issued an Oct. 22 advisory that over the last two days, law enforcement have had two overdose cases where fentanyl is believed to be involved. The advisory said it is believed that fentanyl has been laced on counterfeit prescription narcotics being sold on the street.

“The two cases our office has been involved in are related to OxyCodone and Xanax pills that are believed to have a toxic/fatal dose of Fentanyl in them,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “The patient yesterday was revived by local medics after numerous doses of Narcan. Today medics were unable to save the man who died at the scene.”

This is an ongoing investigation and will be updated. In the advisory, the Sheriff’s Office requested locals talk to family, loved ones and friends, and ask them to never take a pill given or sold to them that did not come from a controlled pharmacy with a legitimate prescription for them personally.

The advisory notes that these types of cases are increasing in the the region, as Santa Clara, Monterey, and San Francisco counties have sent out similar alerts in the last couple of weeks.


BenitoLink Staff