Silicon Valley Gives Comes to San Benito County

Community Foundation helps prepare local non-profits for SV Gives on May 6th, 2014

The Community Foundation sponsored an informational meeting on November 21st concerning the Silicon Valley Gives program.  SV Gives is building to a 24-hour event on May 6th, 2014 when people will be encouraged to donate to local non-profits here in San Benito County. Representatives from over forty 501c(3)s, including Emmaus House and the Homeless Coalition, heard about SV Gives from Community Foundation CEO Gary Byrne.  He explained how non-profits can participate by setting up individual webpages that allow people to donate to them. 

Additional meetings and workshops will be offered leading up to May 6th 2014.  Check the Community Foundation’s website at for details.

Heatherly Takeuchi

I work as a Mathematics and Science tutor. Like most people, I wear multiple hats; my other chapeaus include photographer, graphic designer, writer, and book editor. Then when I'm not working, I volunteer with the Office of Emergency Services as a communications specialist. I also run a group that trains and licenses amateur radio operators.