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SJB Youth Commission Volunteer Advisor Needed

SJB Youth Commission Adult Advisor Needed - Apply by February 27th

A volunteer adult advisor is being sought to assist the newly formed 11-member San Juan Bautista Youth Commission by guiding and supporting this group of youth ages 12-18 living within the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District boundaries.

This adult advisor will support the commission as they provide their insight regarding youth and teen issues to assist the city in addressing the needs and issues of importance for youth in the community. The commissioners will experience a unique opportunity to work with city leaders, to provide input on policies and to create events and special programs that will positively influence the youth and community of San Juan Bautista.  

The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of the community, experience working with youth and the desire to work with a diverse group of youth from a mixture of social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Applicants must be willing to provide Live Scan fingerprinting and undergo a background check. Spanish/English bilingual skills are beneficial for the position, but are not required.

Applications can be found at City Hall 311 Second St., and on the city website. All applicants must be present for interviews if they wish to serve as an advisor to the Youth Commission. 


Attend regular meetings held at least once a month at the San Juan Bautista Community Center, and participate in the commission’s special events, support the commission as they study problems, activities and concerns of youth; hold forums on these problems, and provide the city council with advice about the youth of the community and laws affecting youth, assist the commission in involving the youth of San Juan Bautista in their community through the commission’s development of events and activities that connect youth with the community,

Questions? Call 831-623-4661.