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Smartphone withdrawal is a hang-up for some

For many people, being disconnected from their cell phone is an unpleasant experience

Technology has come a long way, from having telephones connected with cords, to cellphones with antennas.  Now we have smartphones that are almost like mini-computers in our hands. They are connected to the Internet, and you can search anything. You can also download games and apps that can help you with your everyday life. 

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone.

Many people always use their smartphone to help them find out about something or play games when bored. These devices have become an important part of a person’s life. Some people will freak out if they lose a phone. This is called “smartphone withdrawal.”

At the University of Missouri, researchers asked 40 people to solve word puzzles with their phones in their pockets. Afterward, they were given a second puzzle to solve without their phones in their pockets, but within hearing distance. The researchers then would call the phones and the participants would show signs of anxiety. As a result, the participants didn’t do so well on the second puzzle. 

The study confirmed that many people can develop a psychological attachment to smartphones.

San Benito High School freshman Cameron Bandy said, “My smartphone is very important to me.  I spend a lot of time playing ‘Madden Mobile’.  I would freak out if I lost my phone.”

Freshman Cameron Last said, “My smartphone plays an important role in my life on a daily basis. I use it to contact friends and family. Being without it would feel irregular.”