In a small town you may get a lot of local bands that sound good, but I think Smith Alley from Hollister sounds the best out of the few local bands that perform throughout the year. The band has a punk rock type of sound; this is perfect for the singer, Jesaiah Baer, who actually writes the songs with bassist Corey Cota.

Their song, “Zombies”, is the best. To me it’s about how society is today; with teenagers always on their phones, we have gotten to the point where we don’t have conversations with others outside of texting, phone calls, and social media. We act like zombies because we don’t seem alive when we get our phones in our hands, it’s almost like we kill our brain cells.

The song says, “Our time is done and just got so over whelmed, you mind less zombie, cause I’m a zombie, cause you’re a zombie, cause we’re just zombie.”

In the past, there were some complications between band members; Baer, Cota, Omar Huwieh, Alex Sanchez, David Carrig, and Ryan Loomis. After being a contestant on “American Idol”, Baer and the band parted ways for a few weeks before reuniting.

A year after that conflict, Baer has moved to Los Angeles to explore a career in acting, modeling, and singing. When she does come back to town, she spends time with her friends, family, and bandmates. Baer said she hopes to perform with Smith Alley again.