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‘Sons of Anarchy’ actors draw big crowds Saturday

Mark Boone Junior and Tommy Flanagan had people lining up for hours for a meet-and-greet

"Sons of Anarchy" actors Mark Boone Junior and Tommy Flanagan drew hundreds of fans to a multi-hour meet-and-greet event at the Veterans' Memorial Building in downtown Hollister on Saturday.

Boone Junior, who plays Bobby, is also known for his roles in "Batman Begins," "Memento," and "Seven." He and Flanagan, who plays Chibs on the popular show about motorcycle culture, signed hours and posed for photos from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Some fans said they waited in line for nearly three hours to meet the actors.

BenitoLink photographer Lisa Robinson-Ward captured images of fans meeting with the stars,

BenitoLink Staff