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SPIN program at library helps children with special needs

San Benito County Free Library and SPIN offer new program for families with special needs.

San Benito County Free Library and Special Parents Information Network (SPIN) are partnering to provide drop-in style question-and-answer sessions in the the library for parents with children who have special needs. These Q&A sessions will be on Mondays from 4:30-6 p.m. on the following days: Nov. 3 and 17 and Dec. 1 and 15.

Families can discover the latest information on treatments, interventions, services, supports, and networks available. SPIN describes a person with special needs as someone, “who has a temporary or chronic condition or disability present at birth or due to illness or injury.” There is no age limit for accessing information at the SPIN Q&A session. Your child can be as young as an infant or as old as an adult.

If you have questions about this family program, you can visit the library at 470 5th Street, in Hollister, call the library at 831-636-4107, or contact the library at

About San Benito County Free Library

The San Benito County Free Library  is located at 470 Fifth Street in Hollister, and its mobile branch travels throughout the county. For more information, visit

About Special Parents Information Network

Special Parents Information Network (SPIN), provides outreach services in Santa Cruz and San Benito counties to parents of children with special needs. Children can be any age, including adults. To find out more about SPIN, call 831-722-2800 or visit


Julie Oborny is the youth services librarian for San Benito County Free Library (SBCFL), which is located at 470 5th Street in Hollister. The Bookmobile, SBCFL's mobile branch, travels throughout the county. The Library strives to build an information- and culturally-rich, healthy, and economically vibrant community, where residents are inspired to imagine and prepare for the future together. For more information about the library, visit