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Maybe it’s because I’m “maturing” (much too fast!) and can now literally smell the roses as I stroll daily through the Park with my lovely bride (it’s been a great 36 year honeymoon), but I don’t remember a Spring beginning as vibrantly as this one.  Despite droughts, wild pig invasions, and cold snaps, the Park is coming alive in glorious Technicolor. 


At any given moment you may sight a covey of quail, a bevy of cottontails, a sounder of boars (nighttime only), a murder of crows, a charm of hummingbirds, a scurry of ground squirrels (cute but unwanted) and flocks of all types of birds.  The other day I even saw my first sedge of heron (six of them) hunting in the field torn up by the wild pigs.


The lilacs and wisteria are blooming, the grass is growing (along with the weeds, but who’s complaining…), and all the trees are turning green with new growth.  So, if you haven’t visited us for a while, set aside some time soon for an evening walk, a family picnic, a tour of the historical village, or some quiet contemplation in the Rose Garden, provided by the Women’s Club of Hollister.


The Dance Hall is nearing completion with a planned opening in June.  Of course, you can stop by anytime to see our progress.  This great structure will be a tremendous addition to the community.  Upon completion, we hope to raise additional funds quickly to add a kitchen, a buggy barn to display our growing collection of wagons and buggies, electrical power to the Dance Hall, permanent port-a-potties, and landscaping.  If you would like to help with this project, please consider adding your name or the name of a loved one to our Heritage Wall, which will be on permanent display in the new “old” Dance Hall (one hundred years from now what is new will be old again!!!).  For more information on joining the Heritage Wall campaign visit our website at .


Finally, I would like to remind everyone who hasn’t renewed their membership or would like to support our efforts by becoming a new member of the San Benito County Historical Society consider joining today by visiting our website at or completing and mailing in the attached membership form.  The cost is minimal compared to the large benefit to your community.  It is only with your continued membership that we are able to continue our mission to collect and preserve materials pertaining to the history of San Benito County; to promote an interest in and appreciation of the County’s past, by providing programs that offer educational opportunities and experiences; and to bring together for exchange of ideas those interested in history, especially that of San Benito County.


Be Well, All!!!

Hope to see you soon.