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Hollister Police Chief David Westrick reported Saturday morning that "bigger crowds are expected today" for the downtown biker rally, so public safety officers were out several hours early to do a safety inspection. On Friday night, Hollister Police took an assault with a deadly weapon report — apparently a stabbing — near Hazel Street and said that illegal fireworks citations and a few DUI's were written on the event's first night. He expected to have details later Saturday.

On his Facebook page, the chief reported that Friday "was a very nice first day of the event downtown" though he was still "waiting for some reports from the officers to come to get a scope of activity." The new downtown surveillance cameras "worked as we envisioned and really allowed us to be more efficient in deployment of our manpower throughout the event," he added. "The goal each day is public safety, thus far its been a good and safe event for all."

Regarding the "large influx of people" expected Saturday, Westrick said, "We will cross our fingers and hope our preparations will pay off for us and it will continue to be a safe event."