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Study Highlights Homeownership Rates In San Benito County

What percent of households in San Benito County are occupied by homeowners? This study reveals local homeownership rates and compares it to neighboring counties

A study done by American Community Survey, states that 60.6 percent of households in San Benito County are occupied by homeowners. The data also shows that San Benito County has a higher rate of homeownership than several of our surrounding counties including Fresno County, Merced County, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. These neighboring counties have homeownership rates of less than 54.7 percent.

Why is this important? 

Homeownership benefits both individuals and their communities. Not only are homeowners more likely to improve their homes, they also are more likely to be involved in civic affairs.  These investments in time, involvement and property improvements translate to a better community overall. In addition, homeownership provides tax revenue that also benefit their cities and counties.

The data on the report was measured from 2008 to 2012 and was done by the American Community Survey and maintained by the Healthy Communities Institute and provided by the Community Dashboard, hosted on BenitoLink. To view the full report details click here


Carla Thorning is a Hollister native and mother of three. She is a Development Consultant for BenitoLink and a Realtor with Bertao Real Estate Group. She has a professional background in marketing and real estate and is also a graduate of Colorado State University. She serves as the Vice President of the Kelly Marie Freitas Memorial Fund, an endowment fund of the Community Foundation for San Benito County. BRE #01495211