943 (right) spreads his wings before take off upon release at Pinnacles. Photo courtesy of Danae Mouton of the National park Service.


California Condor survives aluminum can obstruction and lead poisoning

Trash poses risks for wildlife.

Dolly with staff of LA Zoo, Pinnacles National Park Foundation and Pinnacles National Park condor crew. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.


Condor ambassador Dolly returns to Pinnacles

Non-releasable bird visits place of hatching to help raise funds.

Condor 340 tends to his nestling 912 in the nest. Photo courtesy of Pinnacles National Park.

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Condor at Pinnacles National Park takes his first flight

Now learning to survive in the wild.


Sports & Recreation

Pinnacles National Park recruiting for a condor recovery intern

The park, celebrating the first flight of a fledgling, seeks a local condor crew intern to assist with monitoring of captive and wild California condors

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A condor chick takes flight from a Pinnacles nest for the first time in a century

Endangered chick this week left the nest and took flight a month earlier than expected

condor nesting.png

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Condor nest found at Pinnacles National Park

Officials expect egg to hatch later this month

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Children and Youth

Pinnacles National Park Recruiting Condor Recovery Interns

Pinnacles National Park Recruiting Condor Recovery Interns

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Elusive condor spotted at Pinnacles

Condor #330's transmitter stopped working in 2011, making it or difficult to track