COMMENTARY: KQKE LPFM radio construction permit deadline nears

Local government, Community Foundation show support; CMAP needs to file for construction permit extension


COMMENTARY: Low Power FM Emergency Broadcast System: Fires, Storms, Floods and Earthquakes

KQKE/LPFM's Role in Emergency Broadcast Systems Public Warning System Critical to National, State and Local Emergency Response Program


COMMENTARY: CMAP Sustains Death Knell for KQKE/LPFM, Supporters Urge Supes’ Help

CMAP board confirms it will not support KQKE Low Power FM Radio. Proponents appeal to county supervisors and Hollister/SJB city councils

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COMMENTARY: CMAP-TV failed SBC, will not support KQKE radio

Community TV board of directors leaves San Benito County without a voice. Who will step up?

Logo of KQKE's project, "The Quake," a San Benito County radio station tuned for 97.5 FM,

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KQKE seeks more help for community radio station

Survey says community members support idea of hyper-local radio station; but they don't want to pay for it



Come help build local, community radio

KQKE 97.5 FM San Benito Community Radio Meeting and Potluck Nov. 25 at Mr.O's Academy

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KQKE to be local radio station’s call letters

Community input, volunteers sought as station works to get on the air by next summer