A farmworkers' polling place set-up in a field (Sept. 1975). Photos courtesy of Mimi Plumb.

Democracy In The Fields: A Project Honoring California’s Farmworkers and the Newfound Freedoms They Reaped in 1975

In September1975, free elections altered California's agricultural landscape. On Sunday, April 3, the National Steinbeck Center will host the unveiling of "Democracy in the Fields," a project dedicated to this momentous event and the lives it transformed

Reverend David W. Havens and his wife Lani. Courtesy of Rev. Havens.

Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 5)

In 1966, Rev. Havens, the former minister of Hollister's First Christian Church, joined Cesar Chavez on a historic march to Sacramento. Disillusioned with the union's direction, Rev. Havens left for a future full of personal and professional changes.