Stan Pura explains new technologies and methodologies on his farmland. Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COLUMN: Technology and water use efficiency for agriculture

Shawn Novack writes that over the last two decades county farmers have been using new technologies and methodologies for efficient water use.

San Luis Reservoir in 2021. Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COLUMN: Stage II of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan to be implemented

All local water agencies will be implementing Stage II the Plan the first week in May.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COLUMN: Update on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Shawn Novack writes that groundwater is a critical buffer against the impacts of drought and climate variability/change.

Leo Vasquez and Shawn Novack. Photo by Juliana Luna.

Environment / Nature

Free landscaping plans available to San Benito residents

Water-efficient gardens, such as the one at Dunne Park, are encouraged during drought.

Irrigation check. Photo provided by Shawn Novack.

Environment / Nature

Water Resources Association provides water-wise landscape tips

Shawn Novack writes that to have enough water in the future, we must avoid wasting water in our homes and gardens today. 

Photo courtesy of Water Resources Association San Benito County.

Environment / Nature

Keeping an eye on the water supply

Shawn Novack with the Water Resources Association writes that the biggest water user in the residential sector for this time of year is landscape irrigation.