Constellation Cygnus. Image courtesy of Pixabay.


Constellation of the month: The Great Swan in the sky

David Bumgartner writes about his personal connection with the constellation Cygnus.


Searching the sky: The moon is submerged by a shadow

David Baumgartner writes about the lunar eclipse happening this month.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


Searching the Sky: Using binoculars to stargaze

David Baumgartner writes that two eyes are better than one when it comes to viewing the skies.

Provided by David Baumgartner.


Searching the Sky: Transparent September Skies

In this latest stargazing article, David Baumgartner writes about a group of stars known as the Summer Triangle.

Fremont Peak also has sweeping views of the surrounding area. Photo by Ian Sills.

Children and Youth

Clear skies and telescopes draw crowds to Fremont Peak Observatory

Weekend programs offer lectures on the solar system, star clusters and black holes.