The community event called San Benito GIVES

Articles about the achievements of local nonprofits fill the BenitoLink home page as the event comes to a close at midnight on Tuesday, September 10.

Some of our readers may wonder why the BenitoLink home page has been swamped for over a week with stories and articles about local nonprofits. It is because, as a public service, BenitoLink dedicated the space to San Benito GIVES, a community engagement event that ends at midnight on Tuesday, September 10. San Benito GIVES is about our county and people who are finding ways to help solve social problems and build a strong community.

As your local nonprofit community news website, BenitoLink provides space for all the wonderful stories about families coming together, pets finding a home and individuals interested in building civic establishments that serve everyone like hospitals, libraries, and parks.

BenitoLink gives the space to all these dedicated workers and volunteers who care deeply about the issues they address every day. San Benito GIVES is the one time every year that you as a resident can step up and help with a community issue by donating. You can make a difference:

  • Giving youth professional skills
  • Helping victims of domestic violence
  • Assisting children in the court system
  • Taking care of pets
  • Filling classrooms with music, art or theater
  • Building a strong local economy
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Providing citizens facts and information

These are just some of the activities to get involved in. Look for “San Benito GIVES” in the headline and hear about community members who give their all to help solve a problem. Lastly, consider perusing the San Benito GIVES website before midnight Tuesday, September 10 and joining in by supporting the mission that touches your heart.

Leslie David,

BenitoLink executive director



BenitoLink Staff