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4th Annual Free Christmas Concert brings the community together

For many years, members of the St. Catherine Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Morgan Hill, two different religious traditions, have joined efforts in bringing their communities together through the annual Morgan Hill Community Christmas Concert.


Four years ago, using the model of the Morgan Hill Community Concert as a point of reference, combined with her extensive experience as a performer and teacher, concert director Amy Oelrich, along with Elaine Kovanda and Tonia Sunseri of the LDS church have been working on the concert. This year they joined forces with Mr. Ostesen. Elaine Kovanda organized and added to the committee, Michelle Perry, David Baumgartner, Nancy McDowell and Ed DeGroot,) who met weekly at Mr. O’s Academy for the past few months.

Amy’s husband Josh is part of the quartet called the Hollister Men’s Ensemble (an all LDS group).

The concert is comprised of local talent and inter-faith groups throughout Hollister and the surrounding areas (Gilroy, San Juan Batista) and has become San Benito County’s annual Christmas performing arts celebration.


The Twelve Days director, Lisa Kellett and the St. Catherine Worship singers are from Morgan Hill and so graciously agreed to come all the way out to help liven up our concert for the first time this year. Dennis Beasley joined us from Gilroy


The goal of the concert is to provide a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together as one, through music.


For a taste of the concert go to this link

For the whole concert, click here!

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