The Esperanza Center, located at 562 San Benito Street, is San Benito County Behavioral Health's wellness center. File photo.
The Esperanza Center, located at 562 San Benito Street, is San Benito County Behavioral Health's wellness center. File photo.

This article was contributed by the San Benito County Behavioral Health Department.

The Esperanza Center is another Mental Health Services Act-funded program nestled in the heart of downtown Hollister on the corner of San Benito and Sixth streets. The Esperanza (Hope) Center is a San Benito County Behavioral Health wellness center that provides activities for varying age groups to promote a non-traditional approach to recovery.

The center is open to adults and transition age youth ages 16-25 who are enrolled in services through San Benito County Behavioral Health. However, The Esperanza Center does not shy away from accepting newcomers that might be seeking linkage to resources and our main office based services. It offers a welcoming and safe place where the individual is valued as part of the community. Peer Mentors (trained consumers serving consumers) stationed at the center are always happy to see new faces, welcome individuals without judgement and allow individuals to go through the recovery process at their own pace.

Various programs financed by funds directed from MHSA take place at the center, which allow the behavioral health department to offer innovative community supports. The Esperanza Center currently offers fun events like art classes, healthy cooking, games, karaoke, group outings, holiday celebrations and computer resources with internet access. These activities provide age appropriate networking with community members experiencing similar circumstances, and this allows them to create much-needed support for each other. Aside from the fun activities, the center also offers support groups, anxiety and depression skills groups, Wellness Recovery Action Plan formulation, case management, peer support, and other resource linkage and referrals.

The Esperanza Center is always exploring ways to improve and is currently working towards expanding hours for youth and adolescent programs that will serve towards the department’s prevention efforts in the community.

For more information about the PATHS Program, contact Maria Sanchez at (831) 636-4020. Pamphlets for the PATHS Program are available in print at the San Benito County Behavioral Health building located at 1131 San Felipe Road in Hollister.

For more information regarding The Esperanza Center, check out the website at the link below:

Contact Maria Sanchez or Nancy Abellera by calling (831) 636-4020, or inquire in person, at 544 San Benito Street, Suite 102 in Hollister.