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“The Maze Runner” review: a sci-fi movie that digs deep

"The Maze Runner" movie surprises with a great plot and cast.

I spent a recent Saturday at Premiere Cinemas experiencing the new movie, “The Maze Runner.” I was surprised how much I actually liked the movie. It seems the science fiction genre is quickly expanding in films and is becoming more common these days. Unlike other sci-fi movies, this one digs deep into what the foundation of society looked and felt like. 

Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien, is suddenly awakened, unaware of where he is or who he is. He soon is exposed to a group of men he has no recognition of and later finds out that he and his fellow prisoners are trapped in a gigantic maze with no idea why or who put them there. All they know is that they must never leave the Glade and go into that maze. Only the maze runners are allowed to go.

Thomas’ strong curiosity on what is on the other side goes against every rule the members of the Glade have established. One night, he gets trapped in the maze and has to survive to see daylight again. After barely surviving, he becomes a maze runner and must fight emotional and physical battles to find his way out of the maze.

Freshman Rebecca Laguna said she “loved the movie. It showed more than one conflict and was a good portrayal of survival."

Freshman Elisse Bolongita said she thought, "The actors played their part very well and I wouldn't change them if it were my choice.”  

Freshman Rebecca Ward said her favorite scene, "was when Thomas was fighting Gally and then remembered his name.”

I thought the movie did a very good job of portraying the story from the book. I could see Thomas struggling with himself and his fellow members of the Glade. He was only there for a few days before his curiosity got the best of him. His uniqueness is a gift that helps him try to get out of the maze while fighting the deadly monsters that lie behind the walls.

In the end, I thought “The Maze Runner” was an excellent movie. The movie is a strong story of survival and sacrifice while still being a good science fiction movie. I would rate “The Maze Runner” an eight out of 10 stars due to its good acting and excellent plot line. I would recommend anyone see this movie.

Dominic Garcia