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Sponsor an archival box, save a year of Mission News issues (1918-1969).

Having recently acquired 51 years of the San Juan Mission News weekly newspapers spanning 1918-1969, the San Juan Bautista Historical Society is now tasked with properly preserving this prized collection.   The total cost of purchasing 51 archival boxes seemed daunting until one of our members suggested an alternate, more manageable perspective –box by box– and inviting members of the community to sponsor a year for only $30.00.  That idea was well received by attendees of the Luck Park Open House on October 12, and many years have already been sponsored.  If you would like to sponsor an archival box storing a year of San Juan Mission News issues, here's what you can do.  Send a check in the amount of $30 to SJBHS and mail to San Juan Bautista Historical Society, P.O. Box 1, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045.  For more information, e-mail us at [email protected]  The Historical Society is sponsoring the 1918 box in honor of member Ken Halla, who has been scanning historic photographs, conducting oral interviews, preparing videos, etc. "to preserve the social fabric of the community for future generations."   

Wanda Guibert

"At San Juan Bautista there lingers more of the atmosphere of the olden time than is to be found in any other place in California." ~Helen Hunt Jackson, author of the book Ramona.