They Came . . . They Walked! And In Style!

Community turns out in support of men walking in women's shoes!

San Benito County turned out on Saturday to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes and raised $6,000 to support victims of domestic violence.


Firefighters, Cowboys, Construction Workers, Football Players, Businessmen, Politicians, Police Officers traded their shoes and boots for some stylish high heel foot ware. Some men took the challenge of trading gender perspectives a little farther and made certain that they were not only able to make their shoes fit, but their outfits work. There were feather boas accompanied by cigars, dogs with leashes that matched the shoes and belts and then there were those like, the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Jaime De La Cruz, Mayor Ignacio Velazquez, Councilmember Victor Gomez, who went for more conservative approaches, but their attention to detail was meticulous. Supervisor De La Cruz, unfortunately had to opt for a second choice in footware after his first choice was deemed to dangerous for someone of his position. He was accompanied by a helpful onlooker who made certain the citizens of the 2nd District were not going to have to call a special election to replace him due to injury. 


There was a playful, easy spirit about the event, though the reason which gathered them there was very serious. Councilmember Gomez walked his mile with a photo of his younger sister, Elizabeth, who was killed seven years ago by her former boyfriend. As he spoke emotionally to those in attendance he shared how he felt that perhaps there was something he could have done. He emphasized how important it is to pay attention to the issue of violence towards women.


The emphasis of the event was to show how violence against women is something which men need to address. Speakers expressed that men need to show other men that physical abuse against women is unacceptable. The increasing numbers of men participating in the event showed promise for San Benito County. Emmaus House and Community Solutions were thanked for their support of victims of abuse.


Susan Carroll, mother-in-law of Heather Carroll, a victim of homicide by a man she knew, spoke of the outpouring of support from the community when the family suffered the loss of Heather. She told the crowd that her family was grateful for those who supported them through a difficult time.


The weather was great, there was music and prizes and smiles and tears. This is one of the events which makes you feel it’s great to be a citizen of San Benito County.

This article has been corrected. Previously the article stated that Heather Carroll was a victim of homicide by a former boyfriend. 

BenitoLink Staff