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They Did The Double!

Road Races in San Juan Bautista bring runners and invite participants in Double Race challenge.


Runners came to San Juan Bautista and ran not one, but two races. 10k followed by a recovery time and then a 5k race . Race originator Bob Anderson created the idea when some of the races he participated in were not quite enough, so he would independently add a 5k run to his 10k.

More race results, photos and information can be found on the race website here.                                                  (more article below the photos)


Daniel Tapia, 2nd American runner in the Boston Marathon and USA world championship marathon participant, won the race overall and for the men. Tapia recorded the 5th fastest time ever for the men.

Sarah Crouch, 10,000m USA women's champ, and two time Olympic trials runner, won for the women and now holds the Double Road Race World Record for the women. 

Other notable runners are Tina Kefallas, who previously owned the Double Road Race World Record for women, finished 2nd behind Crouch, Monica Nicholson finished 3rd, Christine Kennedy (58 years old) finished 4th. Kennedy is also the only women her age to break 3 hours for a marathon. In 5th place for the women was Rosa Gutierrez. 

Adam Roach for the men who finished second behind Daniel, Matt Duffy who finished 3rd, Charles Matheri of Kenya who finished 4th and Diego Leon, a local runner from Hartnell College and an Anzar High School grad, finished 5th overall for the men.

The Race featured a Recovery Zone where the runners can rejuvenate before the second race of the Double featuring free massages.

Bob Anderson is the founder of Runners World Magazine and remains a runner and advocate of running. He has brought the Mission Run to San Juan for the past several years. He and his wife, Cathleen Cross, said that they love San Juan Bautista and like to share the town.

BenitoLink Staff