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Tim Burns to run for Hollister City Council District 4

Burns writes that it's time the council got back to basics and worked together to represent the needs and interests of the community.

This article was contributed by Tim Burns.

Tim Burns is announcing his candidacy for the Hollister City Council District 4 position. Tim commits to represent the needs and interests of the residents in District 4, not his own personal agenda, as well as to act as a professional and treat other council members and the public with courtesy, professionalism, and respect regardless of their opinion, conduct or behavior. Tim’s life experiences have taught him that successful negotiations may require the art of compromise from time to time. It’s time for the City Council to get “back to basics” and work together to represent the needs and interests of the community and provide transparent and accountable governance.

Tim’s highest priorities are public safety, community development and approachable, transparent, and accountable government. Tim strongly supports City Council and city staff transparency and accountability. In 2020, Tim requested that the City Council adopt a Code of Conduct for elected and appointed officials.

If elected, Tim commits to take all of his earnings received as a council member and create a scholarship fund for our local youth.

Tim has been married for the past 34 years. He has two adult sons. Tim and his wife Denise have owned their home in District 4 for the past 20+ years.

Tim is an accomplished professional who takes a realistic, no nonsense approach for problem solving and conflict resolution. Tim is a results driven professional with several years of service in public safety, and has achieved a reputation as a resourceful person and problem solver.

Tim has been responsible for overseeing operational budgets from $300,000 to $5,000,000+. He has worked for several cities and one county, is familiar with process and knows how to get things done.

Tim graduated from San Jose State University and has a teaching credential. He is a licensed contractor.

in 2017, Tim was a member of the San Benito County Civil Grand Jury. He is a committee member on the Council of San Benito Governments Measure G Transportation Safety and Investment Plan Oversight Committee. Tim is also a member of the San Benito County Community Emergency Response Team.

Tim Burns