Putting “Giving News Day” on the Calendar

This annual event, set for Dec. 3, focuses on positive community change and has expanded internationally.

You may have heard of GivingTuesday. It is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on December 3, 2019. BenitoLink has put our own twist on it by renaming it “Giving News Day,” highlighting public service, nonprofit news as worthy of the same commitment.

Giving News Day is now part of our annual fall fundraising effort, the Pledge of Champions. Marking a specific day reminds readers of the important role dependable reporting plays in communities like ours. BenitoLink now delivers consistent, locally produced news and so we ask you to show your interest and concern for its long-term financial strength by making a donation.

This designated day was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do things that benefit the place you live. Over the past seven years, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Join in and celebrate GivingNewsDay by donating to BenitoLink.

The BenitoLink staff of three (Laura Romero, Nicholas Preciado and Leslie David) works with copy editor Paul Hersh and a unique and varied reporting/photographer team that includes John Chadwell, Becky Bonner, Noe Magaña, Carmel de Bertaut, Patty Lopez Day, Matthew Koller, Frank Perez, Robert Eliason, Lisa Robinson, Rene Rodgriguez and Robert Meiksins.  We have several volunteer BenitoLink editorial advisors and a six member board of directors which includes Rohit Sharma, Raul Céja, Robert Marden, Lois Locci, Deane Judd and Karminder Brown. We invite editorial content from the residents of San Benito County and consider donors and contributors part of the BenitoLink community, a growing group of informed and engaged citizens. Take part in Giving News Day and feel the satisfaction of doing something good for your county.

Pledge of Champions will continue until Dec. 31 and all donations until then will be doubled up to $1,000 per individual. You can also consider a monthly donation as a sustaining member and your donation will be doubled throughout the year. Sustaining memberships help support BenitoLink staff by providing consistent revenue and stability to the growing community news provider.


BenitoLink Staff