Volunteers Put In 750 hours designates JustServe April to kickoff their new website and give over 750 hours of volunteer work in Hollister alone last month, serving 13 organizations volunteers served up over 750 hours of well…… just service. The newly launched website designed to bring together people who need service with those looking for opportunities to serve, designated last month as JustServe April, and things are looking up around Hollister and, best stated by those served such as San Benito County Historical Park Director Delbert Doty,
“We are very grateful for the wonderful volunteers that came to the San Benito County Historical Park on Saturday, April 20, and helped with several much needed projects. The help provided over the last several years for the SBCHS has greatly improved a valuable community resource.
Program Director of Chamberlain’s Children Center Patrick Ellis says, “The JustServe volunteers committed themselves to some tough projects. When the day was done, I took a moment to look over the finished projects and breath in the strong sense of community support we were left with.”
Robert Freiri, Chamberlains’s Executive Director adds, “We are very fortunate to have a group of volunteers that have now worked with us for three straight years. Each of the three years, we had some very complex projects…and the volunteers have always come through for us…our campus is transforming into something very special!!”
The Thirteen organizations served during April, in Hollister and surrounding areas were, Chamberlain Children’s Center, The San Benito County Historical Park, Sea Otter Classic Ham Radio Communications, Pat’s Place, Boy Scout Merit Badge Counseling, San Benito High Baler Education, Community Pantry, Emmaus House, Hollister Air Show Ham Radio Communications, Aries Volunteer Emergency Communications, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Community Center. Three Volunteers serve on the San Benito Courts Grand Jury.
Interested in getting your organization vetted? Just e-mail [email protected] JustServe is an all denomination site and is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.