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About four years ago the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) wanted to do something more for Child Abuse Prevention Month than just present the annual Blue Ribbon award to a recipient at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Ideas were tossed around and after much discussion it was decided the CAPC would host a Blue Ribbon Family Fun Walk. The CAPC soon discovered that the day they picked was the same day as the YMCA’s Health Families Day. The CAPC called the YMCA and asked if they would mind if the CAPC partnered with them, and voila, it seemed like magic and a beautiful partnership was formed. Since then, the CAPC has hosted the annual Blue Ribbon Family fun walk annually prior to the start of the YMCA Healthy Families event.

Young people thrive on feeling like they are a part of something meaningful and it is important to get them involved. Rather than just having a bunch of children walking around with no one really knowing why the CAPC had children ages 5-13 draw, color and design flyers which were then laminated which the children will wear while walking this year. The children were provided with the following slogans and told draw they meant to them.

Only smack a child with a kiss!
There’s no excuse for child abuse
End the silence on child violence
It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.
Remember the Children
Children are Gifts

A new partner to our team this year is Community Solutions. Erica Elliott, MSW Sexual Assault, Sexually Exploited Minors, and Prevention Manager, will be joining us to provide mini classes on:

Stranger Danger
Good vs Bad Touch

In order to draw walkers to the event the CAPC decided on having a raffle item that would entice community participation. Because both the Walk & the YMCA’s event are centered around health and fitness a Wii Fit was purchased. This year, everyone who participates in the walk is entered into a drawing for a chance to receive a Wii Sport Resort system!

After winning last year’s raffle prize of a Wii Just Dance3, Jack Bobsin, announced, “I already have a Wii so I’m donating my prize to the Community Food Bank so they can raffle it off to raise funds for the food bank.”

Child Abuse Prevention contact Ana Cabrera

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