A broad based coalition of groups met this week to discuss progress of the Healthy San Benito Initiative. (HSBI)  Dr. Alvaro Garza gave an April 2013 update of the Healthy San Benito Initiative and then discussed progress to date, including addressing the following questions:

1. How are we promoting wellness policies in our organizations?

2. Suggestions on envisioning Healthy San Benito?

3. Suggestions on strategies, resources, coordination to improve community health?

4. Suggestions for 2nd year plan & progress?

5. Does our model of goal and strategic directions appear good for our community?

The group also discussed the Affordable Health Care Act: How will it be implemented locally and affect San Benito County residents? Dr. Garza stated that the clinical care side of the law is clear, but that primary and mental health issues are still being worked out. “Things are changing” and we will need to adjust. The group agreed there is a large Return on Investment (ROI) for encouraging wellness program in the workplace and keeping employees healthy and at work.

HSBI Project Analyst Mary White presented her progress to date on collecting data unique to San Benito County. Her presentation can be seen here. 

The group also finalized and launched and online survey, Make San Benito Healthy, in Spanish and English. 

The survey can be taken by clicking on the following links:



Participants also gave feedback on strategies, including making the survey available at the county library, offering incentives for residents to take the survey (i.e: gift cards, gas cards, Farmers’ Market bucks, etc.), working with Youth Alliance volunteers to take surveys at Farmers Market and other public events via tablets or mobile devices, use Gavilan College classrooms to hold listening sessions so residents can take the survey online with participants, and working with the high school to engage students.

HSBI meets every other month on the second Tuesdays: June 11, August 13, October 8, and December 10 at 2 p.m.- 3:30 p.m., location YMCA, 351 Tres Pinos Road, Suite A-201. All are welcome to attend.