What’s coming up for Ausaymas 4-H

What's coming up for Ausaymas 4-H

Hi this is Aryanna S. with what is coming up for Ausaymas 4-H!
Our next Council Meeting is August 26, at 7p.m. Vets Bldg. Our next club meeting Sept. 3, 2013 at 7p.m. at the Vets Bldg.

Aug 10-11th Surf-n-turf
Aug 12-13th Record books judging county
Aug 16th Gardening 5:00 and Scrapbooking 5:30-7:30
Aug 19th Community service 6:00 vets and Goat meeting 6:00
Aug 20th Enrollment due
Aug 21th poultry 5:00 and cake decorating 6:00
Aug 22th Horse 7:00 and poultry and meat pen check
Aug 26 th Council meeting 7:00
Aug 28-31st Monterey County Fair
Aug 29th Swine 7:00
4-H Fairgrounds cleanup day Sept. 7 and 8, 2013 8am-4pm
Oct 20th Achievement night

See you at our next 4-H club meeting Tues Sept 3rd!

BenitoLink Staff