March 8th 2014 was Presentation Day. The Ausaymas 4-H Club was represented by Gracie Mansmith Bolin, Bonnie Mansmith Bolin, and Hailey Westrick. They all did a great job.  Gracie Mansmith Bolin and Hailey Westrick received gold for their Presentations. Congratulations to them all!

For April 2014 our group meetings are;
Sheep Meeting- April 3rd at 7pm
Scrapbooking meeting- April 8th
Beef meeting- April 12th at 10am
Goat meeting- April 12th at 2pm
Horse meeting-April 16th at 10am
Poultry meeting- April17th at 6pm
Swine meeting- April 24th at 7pm
Community Service meeting – April 26th
Pancake Breakfast- April 27th 7am to 12:00 noon

Don’t forget our Annual Pancake Breakfast.

The Pancake Breakfast is on April 27th 7am to 12:00 noon. If you haven’t gotten you tickets yet you can buy the tickets at the door.

The Pancake Breakfast is located at Bolado Park, Tres Pinos. 

Hope to see you there!