Recently I purchased a new energy efficient low emission electric powered car, which I love, especially when my odometer shows I am averaging upwards of 150 MPG.

Last week when my family decided to go out to dinner, I recalled hearing something about San Juan installing a new electric vehicle charging station. I thought, Great, lets go to San Juan and plug-in while we enjoy a nice dinner! So we get to San Juan, drive all around town looking for the charging station without success and give up because my granddaughters are hungry. During dinner, I remembered that I had just downloaded a new smartphone app which maps out all the charging stations in the US. I didn’t check it before the trip because, after all, how big is San Juan? After a short search, I found it, but it is outside of town near Little Leagues left field!!!

What??? How visitor friendly is that? Why is it demoted to such an out-of-the-way location? I thought the idea of installing charging stations was to stimulate energy efficient behavior and a cleaner environment as well as demonstrate local folks concerns for a greener planet…. AND to place them where people will use them while promoting tourism. We also noted that this is a pay site that requires a pre-established account while I understand the charging station at San Juan Oaks is free.

I hope no taxpayer dollars were wasted on installing this station out behind left field.