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Business Interview

Glenda Goldstone & Glenda Couture Goldstone Interior Design

By Laura Lee

                Glenda likes helping people by solving their interior design challenges.  She has a way of listening to her clients to discern their wants and needs, and always pays attention to functionality as well as looks.  A prime example is how she helped a client who had paid a lot of money to install roman shades at a sliding glass door only to discover that the shade had to be raised in order to open the door and allow the air to flow through her home.  Glenda listened to her clients’ needs and wants and found just the right draperies to give the client the ambiance and look she desired along with the functionality she needed. 

                Glenda shared her experience that often people make design decisions based upon the look they are attempting to create and in the end create more problems because they haven’t thought through the functionality first.  She has helped many clients who have become frustrated with how a home improvement project is unfolding by helping them understand the positives and negatives of all their options.  She has even told clients that she will not “do” what they want because she knows they will be unhappy with the results.  Her willingness to say “no” has garnered her much respect with high-value clients who very rarely are told “no.”      

Laura:  What do you like about interior design?

Glenda:  I like solving the functionality challenges first so we can get to the fun part of choosing fabrics and colors.    

Laura:  What caused you to start your business?

Glenda: When I was 15 we moved to California.  My mother hired an interior designer to work with her and I spent the summer following the woman around.  I knew then that I wanted to be an interior designer and my father told me I was too smart to be a pillow fluffer.  So I worked in banking for 18 years when I realized that the stress of my banking job was going to kill me and I was really unhappy.  After a brief stint working as a bookkeeper, for my best banking client, I went back to the bank manager and asked if I could work part-time and go back to school.  He wanted to know when I could start.    

Laura: What is the best way for someone to seek your services?

Glenda:  They can call me at (805)701-1787, email gcgoldstone@gmail.com, or come by my studio at 17415 – A Monterey Road in Morgan Hill. I do free consultations or if you just want advice I charge $100   

Laura: What do you like about being a member of the Hollister Women’s Club?

Glenda:  I joined the Hollister Women’s Club a little over a year ago because I wanted to meet people and become involved in the community.  I like the women I’ve met and the projects I’ve gotten involved with.  The Flamingo Run was the most fun and I enjoyed working on the Back Pack and Tea Projects.  Working on projects lets me get to know women on a deeper level and make lasting friendships. 

Laura:  What other community services are you involved in?

Glenda:  I’m a member of the Hospital Auxiliary, volunteer at Hazel’s Thrift Shop, and I’m currently serving on the Grand Jury.