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‘Yes on Measure P’ committee launches campaign

Proposed half-cent sales tax measure is expected to generate $240 million for local transportation needs

Measure P, a half-cent sales tax measure that will appear on the June 7, is designed to generate revenue "to fill potholes, repair local streets and provide congestion relief and safety improvements on Highway 25," according to a press release from advocates of the proposal.

Here is the press release, in which supporters lay out their case for supporting the measure: 

Measure P provides an unprecedented $240 million in locally controlled transportation funds and has received broad community support from seniors, schools, neighborhood groups, business leaders, labor groups, the agricultural community and bicycle and recreation advocates.

“Unfortunately, many of San Benito County’s roads are in terrible shape. San Benito County residents and businesses need better roads and relief from traffic congestion,” said San Benito County Chamber of Commerce President, Juli Vieira. “We cannot wait for the State or Washington, D.C. to provide funding. Measure P will provide a guaranteed local source of funding to repair our roads that cannot be taken by the State or redirected for other purposes.”

Measure P, which needs two-thirds approval from area voters to pass, will allow each city and the county to fill potholes and repair local streets and roads. Measure P will also fund projects to reduce congestion on Highway 25 and other major roads like Fairview Road, Union Road and the West Gateway area of San Juan Road.

“As farmers and shippers of fresh produce in San Benito and neighboring counties, we rely on our roads to be well maintained and safe,” said Scott Grabau, Executive Vice President of Tanimura and Antle Fresh Foods. "Well maintained roads minimize the hazards and risks associated with moving agricultural equipment and produce on public roads."

Other Measure P funds will support regional transit connection improvements focused on youth, seniors, people with disabilities, speeding reduction and “Safe Routes to Schools” roadway improvements throughout the County. Pauline Valdivia, Executive Director of Jovenes de Antano Senior Services Agency said, "This measure supports senior transit projects that improve mobility and independence for seniors and improves overall senior well-being.”

To find out more about how Measure P will fill potholes, repair local streets, provide congestion relief and safety improvements on Highway 25 and make roadway improvements in San Benito County, please visit

BenitoLink Staff