Active through the Seasons: Kids

As the school year comes to an end, we thought it might be helpful to provide this special edition to spark some ideas for summer and beyond.

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make some plans and get the most out of the great weather and vacation time ahead.

We know you are interested in hearing more about things to do in San Benito County, because people ask us and we see your questions coming up on local Facebook pages.

That is why BenitoLink is giving readers this informational round-up called “Active through the Seasons”.  This special edition is designed just for you and friends, your kids or grandkids. It captures what is available to families in the summer months and throughout the year. Just click on this "Active Through the Seasons" picture and take a look at the choices available to county residents. 



Catch up on the unique businesses and imaginative programs we have listed, ranging from athletic to ranch camps, from the arts to science exploration. We have made an effort to include activities for all ages and economic groups.  

“Active through the Seasons- for Kids” is a special edition produced by BenitoLink staff members Laura Romero and Becky Bonner to help serve community informational needs. There's more going on in the county every year, but you don’t always hear about it. 

This way you don't have to hunt down all the start times, options, or search for contact information. This will be available on the BenitoLink Home Page for a month and then will be permanently posted in our “Calendar” section, which you can find in the top menu bar.

Active Through the Seasons-Kids will be updated with its main publication coming out in the spring. If you have activities that you would like included, or you would like to have your business graphic displayed, share them with us! Contact Laura Romero at [email protected].  


Leslie David

Leslie David is a Bay Area independent reporter/producer and is a BenitoLink founding board member. She has produced for radio, television, newspaper and magazines in both California and Wyoming. She was with KRON-TV News in San Francisco as camera-woman, editor and field producer, where she won the Commonwealth Club's Thomas Storke Award with Linda Yee for their series on the Aids Epidemic. She started as a small market news reporter shooting her own 16mm film at KEYT-TV Santa Barbara. Leslie lives on a ranch with her family in San Benito County.