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Advanced Placement testing is for students that take on college-bound classes in high school. Testing began in the beginning of May for students who took AP courses aligned to better educate the students for the testing. The AP tests can be the most stressful test for students.

San Benito High School offers a number of  AP classes, including Biology, English 11 and 12, Economy, U.S. History, and Government. Prior to graduation, SBHS students offered their take on the AP tests, which, if passed, can earn students college credit.

 “I am taking four AP classes this year and although they are hard, I push myself to better my future and get accepted to the college of my dreams. My parents always tell me that my hard work and dedication will pay off,” said recently graduated senior Tristan Russell. Although AP classes require a lot more work and time, many students believe they are worth it.

Recent grad Martin Rodriguez said, “I am taking English 12 AP and I want to take the AP test because I believe my teacher has prepared me for it. I believe in myself because I have learned so many things these past couple of months that will be beyond useful to me in my lifetime career.

AP English teacher Dr. Tom Rooth said, “I push my students to the farthest they can go. I will never let them give up on themselves. I believe all my students this year can pass the AP test with a score of 3 or better. I am currently having them work on a project that will familiarize them with words they are bound to see on the AP test.”

AP Psychology teacher Chuck Schallhorn said, “My goal for my AP students is for them to gain more knowledge about psychology. I encourage them to go above and beyond. I prepare them and push them over the limit. I believe that every one of my students is ready for the AP test. All the hard work they have done this year will pay off.”

Students take the AP test for many reasons, from college credit to personal satisfaction. Even though they are not required to take the AP test, many students take the opportunity, as those who pass the test with a score of 3 or above will receive college credit.