The San Benito High School Board of Trustees on Nov. 13 recognized 72 Advanced Placement Scholars, including the following students who scored 3 or higher on three or more AP exams: (From L to R) Jose Velarde Ruiz, Allison Okamoto, Amanda Navarro, Melissa Abonce, Ricardo Arteaga, Jack Barajas, Bailey Carmichael, Vanson Chan, Trent Hurtado, Alan Juarez, and Dennys Lopez Vega. Photos by Adam Breen.

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Advanced Placement scholars honored

San Benito High School students recognized for their stellar performance on AP testing in the 2017-18 school year.

Photo provided by San Benito High School.

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Multiple measures indicate student success at SBHS

Recently-released academic data shows shrinking opportunity gaps for many student groups at San Benito High School.

San Benito High School 2018 graduate Josh Corrigan took 11 Advanced Placement courses and 12 AP tests while in high school, essentially putting him a year ahead academically upon his arrival as an aerospace engineering major at Cal Poly. Submitted photo.

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Advanced Placement courses prepare students for college

Some Class of 2018 graduates put themselves a year ahead in college by passing AP tests after completing rigorous courses.

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AP Tests coming up for SBHS Students

High school students begin to prepare for AP tests that will take place in May

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AP testing gives students a leg up for college

Students passing the tests can earn college credit