AP Tests coming up for SBHS Students

High school students begin to prepare for AP tests that will take place in May

There is nothing that a parent or student loves more than being able to save money when going to college. So much money is spent in only four years, and that doesn’t even count the pursuit of a master’s degree or a Ph.D. However, a great way to reduce college expenses is to take Advanced Placement courses while in high school.

According to, “AP courses are rigorous, college-level classes in a variety of subjects that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize.” While taking these courses, students will be able to experience what it is like to be in a college-level class. AP courses also offer the chance to gain college-credit during high school. San Benito High School offers many AP courses in order to help their students get ahead in college, including English (11 and 12), Physics, Calculus AB and BC, Environmental Science, Art, and more. All AP courses give students the chance to get ahead in college and reduce their spending on higher education by passing a year-end exam, which can qualify them for college credit-thus lowering the amount of college courses they have to take.

Even though the AP courses can prove to be very difficult, there is a good side to them. When taking an AP course, if a student’s grade is above a C, they will receive a grade bump. For example, if a student receives a C in an AP course, on their transcript and report card it will count as a B providing they take the year-end test. In May, AP exams are administered for $91 per test, which can seem like a bargain when a student considers how much money they could save when they get to college and no longer have to take that course. Financial assistance and fee waivers are also available, meaning some students can take the tests at little or no cost. This year, the AP exams will be taken from May 4-8 through May 11-15.

“I think that it’s great to take an AP course while in high school because it will help you get ahead when you’re finally in college and you no longer have to worry about taking it in college,” said junior Maggie Campo, who is taking two AP courses.

“AP courses have been very challenging and rigorous, but I know that they will help me and my parents a lot when I’m finally in college,” said junior Emma Bianchi, who is taking AP Environmental Science.

 SBHS teachers, Tate Edwards, who teaches AP Physics, and Woodrow Peterson, who teaches AP Calculus, said that it’s good for students to take AP courses because they prepare students for what a college class will be like as well as helping them gain college credit.

This year, San Benito High School has decided to take a different approach with students who are enrolled in AP courses. The school board implemented the rule that any student who is enrolled in an AP class and wishes to receive the grade bump, must take the AP test in order to receive it.

Monica Ocampo