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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Ignoring COVID-19 is dangerous for all

Terry Butler writes that we will be able to slow and stop the spread of the coronavirus if everyone complies with health orders, but that seems like a big if nowadays due to the varying reactions of the citizenry to the restrictions required.

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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Revisiting gun violence

Terry Butler calls for an open discussion.

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OPINION: Facts about Gun Laws in the US

An article detailing some of the laws that are on the books and some of the lobbying that gun rights advocates use to avoid abiding by those laws.

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OPINION: A Middle Way on Gun Violence

Gun violence is a fact of life in America. Is there a way to stop or minimize it that will find wide support?

LETTER: Responding to Marty Richman on the NRA

A letter in response to another from Mr. Marty Richman in the matter of weapon violence and finding solutions to the ongoing problem.

San Benito High School students during 17 minute period of silence. Photo by Leslie David

Children and Youth

OPINION: Thoughts on San Benito High School Student Walkout

OPINION article about recent student protest about violence on campus.

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Local meditation group seeks members

Non-sectarian group at under-construction Japanese Temple Garden in Hollister invites guests to participate