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College admission time is coming up soon, so seniors are scrambling to submit their applications before the deadline. Jay Ehret, the school’s Regional Occupation Program Career Specialist, says that a good portion of the seniors have submitted their applications.

Nov. 30 is the deadline for all California State Universities and Universities of California school applications. The UC schools have a later deadline in part because applicants have to write two essays consisting of 500 words each. State school applications ask about A-G courses and demographics, but don’t require an essay.

“It’s good to apply to three to five colleges, but keep in mind that the applications are $55 each,” Ehret said.  Most college applications ask seniors for information on parents, courses students have taken, and their background. The colleges also want to see a senior’s transcripts.  

“It’s good to look at colleges your sophomore and junior year and have them picked out so you can take tours and know by your senior year,” Ehret noted. Only seniors can apply to colleges.    

“Another important note to remember is if you’re not sure if you want to apply or not, apply now because you can’t make the decision later,” Ehret said. Seniors need to be sure that they take the SAT and ACT standard tests, which all colleges require.

Senior Emily McMath says that she is almost done with her college applications, and that she is excited for college next year.

For more information on college applications, visit the Career Center page on the San Benito High School website or visit the center weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.