Business / Economy

Is a hospitality career in your future?

Gavilan College is starting a new series of classes on hospitality and tourism. This first class will be offered in August in San Benito County and Morgan Hill

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College application deadline arrives

Students finalizing applications by Nov. 30 deadline


Children and Youth

High school promotes college and career of the week

There are approximately 2,870 universities in the United States, not including junior college. So, of course it can be difficult to find that one dream school. Two years ago, a survey was sent out to San Benito High School teachers asking what colleges they attended or which they would want featured as the college of


Business / Economy

School is ending, careers are beginning

Students' thoughts turn to careers as vacation nears

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Children and Youth

Military service an option for some out of high school

U.S. military gives a "compass-like" direction for people wondering what to do with themselves after high school.