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Homeownership represents far more than legal possession of a residence. Owning one’s home is a key component to achieving the American dream in the United States. It symbolizes autonomy, achievement, and upward mobility to the middle-class.

This is especially truthful to immigrant families. It wasn’t that long ago that my parents bought a small post-war home. It wasn’t pretty, it needed a new roof, paint, plumbing and electrical work, but it was our home.

Homeownership afforded my parents the ability to establish roots and be part of a community. But more importantly, the ability to leverage their home to send their children off to college.

However, its only getting harder to buy a home in California, and counties like San Benito are simply less affordable than they used to be.

So, when a low-income housing project comes along it reminds me of my roots and of my family’s beginnings. This housing project keeps me grounded and excited for each family that will be receiving this opportunity. Families will not only be building a home, but also creating memories of future birthdays, graduations, and countless holidays.

Together, Community Services Development Corporation (CSDC) and the County of San Benito, cleared the abandoned Hollister hospital to make way for the housing development. With grant specific financing from the US Department of Agriculture for affordable housing, this project is made possible.

The homes are scheduled to be built by CSDC under the mutual self-help method of construction that makes the dream of becoming a homeowner a reality for low-income families.

Thankfully there are people in our community that believe in the American dream. So much incredible work has happened because of the support and encouragement of the County of San Benito and its Board of Supervisors, Seth Capron formerly from South County Housing, Manzo Construction Incorporated, and CSDC Executive Director Sonny Flores and Board Chairman Fernando Gonzalez.

I feel honored to be a part of the CSDC and a part of this project that is creating the American dream.

Francisco Diaz is the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder for the County of San Benito and serves on the Board of Chamberlain's Youth Services and Community Services Development Corporation. Francisco is the...