COLUMN: Take the time to speak to children about dangers of drugs

Joel Buckingham writes that it's important to explain to children why saying 'no' to drugs is important.

Poll worker help residents at the San Benito County Elections Office on Nov. 3, 2020. Photo by Noe Magaña.


COLUMN: Creating platforms for people with disabilities to participate in elections

Francisco Diaz, Assistant County Clerk-Recorder, writes that it's important to serve people with disabilities in elections.


COLUMN: Home ownership and keeping the American dream alive

Francisco Diaz writes about the self-help housing development and how that will make homeownership a reality for 24 families.

Francisco Diaz at a Mexican polling location. Photo courtesy of Francisco Diaz.


COLUMN: Volunteering as an observer in Mexico’s elections

Francisco Diaz, Assistant County Clerk-Recorder, writes that Mexico has a 'nearly identical' election process than the United States.

Company-sponsored park in Neenah, Wisconsin. Photo provided by Kollin Kosmicki.


COLUMN: Business sponsorship program could vastly improve local parks

District 2 Supervisor candidate Kollin Kosmicki writes that San Benito County should do more to encourage local businesses to sponsor park offerings as a way to help fund improvements.

A map is shown from the General Plan laying out the 16 nodes that are intended for commercial development. Photo provided.

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COLUMN: Suspending growth initiative campaign was right move

District 2 Supervisor candidate Kollin Kosmicki writes about the initiative's upside and why he urged Preserve Our Rural Communities to suspend the campaign after the pandemic struck.

San Benito County Sheriff Captain Eric Taylor. Photo provided.

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COLUMN: Captain’s Log—How to save a life

Eric Taylor with the Sheriff's Office writes about responding to a drowning and "the heroism shown by many people yesterday."

San Benito County Supervisor Mark Medina. Photo by John Chadwell.

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COLUMN: On March 24 virtual board meeting

Supervisor Mark Medina writes about changes to meetings during the coronavirus pandemic and addresses his decision to postpone C-1 rezone of Betabel node.

John Freeman. Photo provided.

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COLUMN: Who really cares about economic prosperity in San Benito County?

District 2 supervisor candidate John Freeman writes about a new land-use initiative.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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COLUMN: Highway 25 expansion is key for future progress

District 2 supervisor candidate Kollin Kosmicki stresses the importance of getting Highway 25 expanded sooner than later in order to improve residents' quality of life and the county's economic prospects.

Kollin Kosmicki in San Juan Bautista. Photo provided.

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COLUMN: Housing plan would slow growth, require affordable units

District 2 Supervisor candidate Kollin Kosmicki says his plan would not only limit new single-family housing while the county upgrades its road infrastructure, but it would also eliminate developers' option to buy their way out of building affordable units.

San Juan Bautista neighborhood with ranch land in the distance. Photo provided by Valerie Egland.

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COLUMN: What’s the county’s strategic plan?

"The value of a Strategic Plan is in creating a framework to guide San Benito County," writes District 2 Supervisor candidate Valerie Egland.

John Freeman registering to run for District 2 Supervisor. Photo provided by John Freeman.

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COLUMN: Why I want to be your next District 2 Supervisor

San Juan Bautista City Councilman John Freeman shares his vision and goals for the office.

A view of the bountiful San Juan Valley, taken from Fremont Peak. Photo provided by Wayne Norton.

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COLUMN: Protecting agriculture a top priority for San Benito County

Wayne Norton calls for action on required climate action planning.

Frank, Monica, Serena and Francisco Barragan. Photo provided by Frank Barragan.

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COLUMN: Preserving our community and our heritage

District 2 candidate Frank Barragan writes, "My focus as supervisor will be to work with our local, state, federal officials as well as our county departments to move the needle on improving our road infrastructure, economic development, and public safety."